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Four Hyperlocal Trends to Watch in 2013

2012′s rush to capture the hyperlocal audience has begun to wane as the reality sets in that while the online SMB market is huge and untapped, it remains hard to get those mom and pop outfits to spend money on newfangled marketing methods. Last year’s intense start-up activity has pointed to four trends going into […]

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Jeff Jarvis broaches the subject of Realtors as Community Media Hubs

Last week at Inman Connect, a real estate technology conference, Jeff Jarvis discusses two ideas we believe in: 1) Real estate professionals can leverage their networks to become hyperlocal media resources. And by doing so, they benefit from building the community networks they need to source referrals for their real estate business. 2) Real estate […]

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8 Major Social Commerce Trends for 2011

“Social commerce” became a buzz word in the summer of 2010: Here are eight new trends in social commerce that will appear in 2011: 1) Demand based shopping applications Groupon demonstrated how supply in the form of retail inventory can be packaged into deep discount opportunities. Demand is the inverse – how many people in […]

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Reviewing 2010 – based on 2009 media predictions

One year ago, I listed ten media predictions for 2010. Here’s an update. Many of my predictions are still work in progress: 1) Community engagement will become the driver of new local media. One definitive result: 2010 brought the expansion of AOL’s Patch across almost 200 cities, each with a salaried managing editor. It’s important […]

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The New DIY Advertising

In the 1960’s new media was television, and Madison Avenue evolved to show companies how to leverage the media through advertising. Advertising is now mostly associated with the commercial, a one-way message from company to consumer delivered via various media channels. We’re pleased to see Jeff Jarvis pronouncing this kind of advertising is “fucked”. The […]

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Integrating Complementary Apps – or How to choose a good cheap restaurant online

ReadWriteWeb reports Yelp and OpenTable, the two leading social apps for restaurant reviews and restaurant reservations respectively, have partnered so consumers can easily move from a Yelp restaurant review to making a reservation on Open Table without leaving the Yelp site. This “mashup” of applications by process is not new; note Amazon reviews + fulfillment […]

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Partisan Politics and the Social Media

I was listening to NPR Radio this morning, but couldn’t find the audio on NPR’s site. They were discussing how the masses were choosing to receive their daily news based on their political ideology, and finding a comfort level in hearing broadcasters who reflected their viewpoints. According to the NPR reporter, this trend is affecting […]

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Geolocation spurs the commercial social media

———————– The latest Facebook metrics are powerful: 400 million active users (7% of the world), 50% of them logging on each day and spending more than 55 minutes daily on Facebook. The sudden concentration of traffic on the social media led by Facebook has caught business by surprise. In particular, small and local businesses don’t […]

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Hyperlocal Advertising Model using Twitter Couponing

Hyperlocal Advertising Model using Twitter Couponing View more presentations from Pat Kitano.

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Real time web moving too fast for mainstream media

The powerful launch of Google Buzz (Mashable | Google Buzz has completely changed the game) last week signals the arrival of the Real Time Web as a truly new media. It’s been well documented that Twitter has established itself a breaking news source. Google Buzz, Facebook and Twitter form a triumvirate channel for sourcing news […]

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