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TimesWire – Feed Aggregation Gone Mainstream

The venerable NYTimes unveils TimesWire tomorrow in its attempt to “real time” its reporting. New articles are fed into TimesWire as soon as it’s published, but the stream of articles is slower than a ticker tape. I think it needs to open up to other journalistic sources to create a compelling stream of news and […]

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Twitter “Media Sites” Require Focused Non-Chatty Twitter Feeds

Up to now, Twitter has consistently been used as a conversational tool by people who logged onto Twitter with their real names and identities. Only media outlets like @BBC and enterprises like @ComcastCares would “broadcast” professional-grade tweets and refrain from idle chat and the type of Twitter conversations that would be incomprehensible to its users. […]

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Introducing a Social Media System for News Organizations (Free!)

Few news media companies know how to effectively develop their social media resources; they still hide behind their call letters or mastheads and broadcast one way. Citizen journalists – in effect, the masses – are the closest to breaking news events and stories, so tapping into the social media is becoming the key to real […]

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Evolution of Justin.TV as a Personal Broadcast Channel

Justin Kan, founder of Justin.TV, achieved notoriety in March 2007 by hooking up a webcam on a helmet and broadcasting his life 24-by-7. Justin.TV was born to facilitate similar life streaming broadcasts by individuals. The evolution of the business model twisted from personal, user-generated broadcast content, Justin style, to a media site that hosts individual […]

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Real Estate Brokerage Sites and Broadcast Media

Real estate brokerages need to provide more information about the housing markets to attract a loyal following of local readers. Just providing the latest listings is old hat. Real estate blogging has proven effective, but very few agents do it due to the challenges of writing and maintaining a blog. Simply put, brokerages can now […]

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When will the NY Times make it easy to follow their Twitter topics?

This will happen soon in the mainstream media…

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