Social Media’s Brand Name Land Grab Strategy

Domain names spawned an industry based on the land grab of common names and terms. The resources for domain name valuation and investment are extensive and mature, particularly when names like and are selling for $10 million and $1.1 million, respectively. The industry’s lucrative existence alone should signal to any company or entity […]

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How Mainstream Media Journalists should Leverage Twitter

Mass Media – Marketwatch, NYT, USA Today – publishes articles and can be deluged with thousands of comments. The first twenty or so distill the various viewpoints of an article, and ploughing through the rest of them becomes senseless, like walking through a comments graveyard. Voting up/down comments can filter the more significant ones, and […]

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20 Viable Social Network Ideas

20 Viable Social Network Ideas View SlideShare presentation (tags: blog friendfeed twitter ning)

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LA Times Continues to Integrate Twitter as Broadcast Media

LA Times reports the Obama campaign has confirmed an announcement for VP and plans to distribute his choice by email and text message. Of course, they encourage the public to join their network for updates by submitting their contact information, which will get them on Obama’s drip email marketing list, complete with donation appeals. The […]

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Online Exhibitionism is an American Phenomena

The cultural of personal transparency that Americans are beginning to embrace with their blogs, MySpace and Twitter feeds documenting everything they do in their lives is a unique social phenomena. Call it “Online Exhibitionism”. The Japanese prize their privacy, and it’s quite likely the rest of the world still adheres to this social philosophy. Techcrunch’s […]

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The First YouTube Election

1959 was the first TV election with the Kennedy-Nixon debates. Paris Hilton has just become iconic this election… demonstrating that a dubious, accidental celebrity can instantly transform her brand with a smart timely YouTube video in response to a McCain commercial: Watch this 2008 election and see how the social media begins to infiltrate the […]

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Demonstration on The Future of Information Overload

This well produced video on Aurora, a concept browser of the future being developed by Adaptive Path in collaboration with Mozilla Labs (affiliated with Firefox), actually highlights the glaring problems of information overload: Too many online data sources provide conflicting information, so no conclusions can comfortably be made. Examples: housing market, oil prices, economy… who […]

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How Mass Media is Embracing the Social Media

How Mass Media is Embracing Social Media view presentation (tags: media socialmedia twitter friendfeed)

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