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Advent of Specialty Twitter Reporting – #gaza

Watching updates on the Gaza crisis, I’m struck by Twitterers, new and established, being set up to cover the conflict: @Gazanews @TweetsfromGaza @AJGaza Al Jazeera Gaza @intifada @mbaa @Concernedlocal @supportisrael Updates: @nazek88 @mominisrael @muqata @mrphilpot @elizrael @israelright I don’t see any Twitterers reporting from inside Gaza, or even Israel, so all the commentary are […]

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Twitterless – One More Interesting Analytical Tool

Twitterless maps where your followers are: Right down to the city, or even address on the Twitter profile: Twitterless provides a comprehensive view of your follower list (sorted alphabetically, unlike Twitter): Then, unlike any application, it can search keywords across your follower list, like “real estate” or “newspaper” to group followers and create group lists. […]

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Twitter’s Powerful Viral Reach Makes it a Branding Machine

TWinfluence measures two degrees of separation to estimate the “reach” a Twitterer has within the Twitter universe by adding the number of degree-one followers to the exponentially higher number of degree-two followers ( see chart above) Twitter’s viral reach as personal brand management Twitter’s broadcast functionality and prolific messaging capabilities allows its users to become […]

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Here’s my schedule at Blogworld / REBlogWorld tomorrow: 11:30-12:45    Social Networking With Photographs – moderating with Teresa Boardman 2:00-2:45    Active Rain VS Word Press – moderating with Rich Jacobson and Dave Smith 4:00-4:45    How to bring your 1.0 brokerage into a 2.0 world – with Jan OBrien, Matt Fagioli and Brad Coy Contact me @ […]

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