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Can Local Online Media Rid Itself of Bad Advertising?

“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks.” – Jeff Hammerbacher, fmr. Manager of Facebook Data Team, founder of Cloudera (h/t to Dalton Caldwell) Local advertising is not a beloved art form these days. On a national level, at least, media campaigns can make quality compelling content […]

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How Content Tools Unleash Social Media

Rebelmouse, the creation of Paul Berry, ex-CTO of the Huffington Post, is a publishing platform that curates articles from the tweets, retweets and links from Twitter and Facebook accounts and displays them in the now popular Pinterest-tile format. The new platform validates how easy it is to leverage social media for publishing. Paul Berry explains: […]

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The Shared Economy needs Couriers

Until now, one of the main value propositions offered by local retailers has been the immediacy of purchase: “If you need it now, come pick it up now.” With online commerce, consumers may pay less, but they also have to delay their gratification, waiting for days or weeks for product delivery. But as the window […]

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SMBs and Content Marketing

“Content marketing” has become the new mantra for brand marketers inspired by viral marketing sensations like the Old Spice Man to reinvigorate a washed up brand. I attended the Content Marketing Conference this week, where the focus is adaptation to a new marketing paradigm that uses content to engage, and more importantly transact with consumers. I see […]

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User generated local media

Back in the day, the old way to create a “multimedia” site was to hire copy writers, photographers and web designers to build a visually interesting property. Now anybody can curate visual content, and use new media tools like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and to build their own local publications. For example, on Pinterest, cities like Centennial, Colorado can be celebrated […]

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The Renaissance of the Local Photographer

The elevation of standards in local marketing imagery is creating new opportunities for local professional photographers, above and beyond events like weddings and school pictures. A year and a half ago in September 2010, MacUser’s Dave Stevenson lamented the “Tragic Demise of the Professional Photographer,” suggesting that photographers were being disintermediated by online stock libraries […]

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Will microlocal work?

The default local community bulletin board of Web 1.0 was Craigslist. The second generation, including Topix and Outside.In (now a part of AOL), pioneered hyperlocal news aggregation to construct a feed-based local newspaper — but these companies’ main challenge has been to nurture local conversations around news. Topix in particular has been able to develop active forums at a […]

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New ideas for

Although Patch is growing its reader base, the company still seems to be struggling with thetraditional banner ad based business modelfor three simple reasons: 1) lower local demand for banner ads due to new marketing options like daily deals, social media and SEO marketing, 2) limited readership for publications serving small local markets, and 3) outsize […]

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What do locals look for in local news?

Last month, Pew Internet published a media study on “How People Learn about their Community”. After the weather, breaking news – a real time ticker tape amalgam of Arab leaders being overthrown, earthquakes, sports scores, murders and accidents – comprise what locals look for. So what do people look for in local news? It’s pretty mundane. Local […]

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The Rise of the new Local Social Marketing Agency

Yes, BIA/Kelsey’s survey says 48% of SMBs are on Facebook. However, the more telling implication of the above chart is how SMBs don’t even use marketing methods that have been around for a while (43% on email?) or are well recognized as effective (22% with blogs, most likely abandoned). At Street Fight Summit last month, […]

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