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The Multi – Conversational Web

Welcome to the Multi-Conversational Web The new Facebook page redesign has incorporated real time friend feeds that makes Facebook more conversational like… Friendfeed or Twitter. What this means is any friends can respond instantly to conversations as they happen: With three applications – Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed – competing for participants, applications are developing to […]

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The Media’s New Search for Content, Content, Content

With media layoffs (McClatchy slashing 1,600 jobs today) and newspaper foldings becoming daily occurrences, editors no longer rely on sourcing stories from the decimated news rooms. They do what everybody else does – go online. News media still needs to cover core breaking news – economy, politics, editorial, disasters, sports, local coverage – for credibility […]

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A Panoply of Extinction

Image credits Milkman Landline phone & answering machine Phone Books (Yellow Pages) Fax Machines Newspapers Blue Blood Investment Banking (Bear Stearns) Video stores Consumer electronics stores (Circuit City) Travel agencies (Thomas Cook) Real estate offices Title insurance offices Live America-based operators Analog TV Kodak film Standard light bulbs DVD Players CDs Icebergs George Bush’s policy […]

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Skittles’ Social Media Experiment is a Raging Success!

Yesterday Mashable reported Skittles new website had a prominent Twitter search engine page that monitors the word “Skittles”: Then today, Mashable reports that the Twitter feed for Skittles became offensive (, and they switch the top page over to Facebook: CONCLUSION: Skittles is a simple candy product, you either like it or you don’t. This […]

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9 Ways to Monetize Twitter Analyzed

At this point in the evolution of the social media, pay-to-play runs counter to any social network business model. The wildly popular Twitter will eventually have to break the barrier and declare a revenue model. In December, AdAge offered up a list of 9 ways Twitter can make money: Charge for it Advertising Create a […]

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Disintermediation of the Media Celebrities

Media celebrities, from on-air personnel to executives, reaped the high salaried rewards of a high margin business model based on promoting “air” time. Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman suggests that the CNBC decision to part ways with ex-news chief Jonathan Wald reflects the new budget reality predicated by the slow decline of the broadcast media combined with […]

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The Decline of Reading

Why are print newspapers shutting down presses, and book publishers decrying where their readers went? Today’s NY Times essentially says this: (Charts, of course, not based on actual statistics; for descriptive purposes only) Consumers are increasingly avoiding newspapers — and books, too — because the text mode is now used so infrequently that it can […]

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