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Media Predictions for 2010

1) Community Engagement will become the Driver of Local Media Local news used to be the province of the local newspapers, radio stations and TV. It’s become clear consumers will digest local news online as newspapers shut down, and on the Internet, all media are equal – TV, radio and print websites compete for the […]

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Tiger Woods and Tipping Point Media

The chronicles of Tiger continue daily with the Mistress countdowns and porn star exposés that are contributing to the collapsing public opinion of a global sports icon. The financial impact hits whole industries – the PGA, Tiger’s sponsors, and the TV networks all relied on Tiger as the drawing card. This is a case of […]

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TV returns to live broadcasting 50’s style with Jay Leno

This week’s Time declares on its front cover ” Jay Leno is the Future of TV”. By parading Jay’s new show at 10:00 to compete with expensively produced dramas like CSI: Miami and other scripted shows, NBC is beta testing whether live content will be as attractive as or more cost effective than canned content. […]

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Breaking Hollywood News & New Twitter Channels

Breaking Hollywood News is a topical breaking news site that aggregates the Twitter feeds of celebrities. Think of it as a real time version of E!. It’s a simple example of how “verticals” for breaking news can be easily developed and customized for specific audiences. Mass media calls these verticals channels. Over the weekend, blogger […]

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Celebrities Flocking to Twitter

The Celebrity Twitter sites (here are two – Twitya and Twitter Fan Wiki MinorCelebrities can’t keep up with the onrush of celebrities – essentially, anybody with name recognition – discovering Twitter. (UPDATE 3/15 3:00PDT – Kevin Rose’s user-tagged Twitter directory WeFollow launched yesterday with a prominent celebrity component. Here are three of the most recent […]

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Humanizing the Celebrity

Accessibility is becoming a component to celebrity in the new social society. Shaq  encourages folks to talk with him in a Phoenix diner. (And the Suns have Tweetups! Today’s Washington Post highlights prominent news anchors chronicling their lives on Twitter: “Here’s a chance through Twitter, all these social networks, to break the glass in front […]

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The New Web 2.5 Opportunity: Create Media Hubs

TODAY’S ONLINE CONTENT FATIGUE Web 2.0 could be described as a phase in the evolution of the Internet that facilitated individuals in creating content within the constructs of social websites (blogs) and social networks (as participants). User-generated content was the New New Thing when it first appeared refreshingly on blogs (in 2002 blogs were being […]

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Evolution of Justin.TV as a Personal Broadcast Channel

Justin Kan, founder of Justin.TV, achieved notoriety in March 2007 by hooking up a webcam on a helmet and broadcasting his life 24-by-7. Justin.TV was born to facilitate similar life streaming broadcasts by individuals. The evolution of the business model twisted from personal, user-generated broadcast content, Justin style, to a media site that hosts individual […]

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Owning the Artist

The early Hollywood Studio system institutionalized vertical ownership of the creative process, in this case movies. Now, with digital media inevitably moving towards free, music companies are requiring artists sign multiple rights “360 deals” that take a cut from every revenue stream. In exchange, the artist receives the marketing and distribution machinery for celebritization. It […]

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“Everybody Media” – the Rewards of YouTube-ing Sarah Palin on SNL First

The most popular A-list blogs become go-to sources by posting breaking news first before anybody else. Wired has chronicled how cut-throat the competition is. Now, “everybody media” is out there trying to get breaking news up on YouTube and on their blogs. Tonight’s SNL appearance of Sarah Palin has all the trappings of being a […]

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