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And every retail business will have a :30 second video

Google is talking about interactive video ads at this weekend’s Allen & Co. conference. Today, Twitvid is launching its video advertising platform over Twitter (press release). What’s important to know about video is that there is already an institutional history of the video format in the form of the :30 television spot. Like television, the […]

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Personal broadcast channels – the future of TV

Comcast’s purchase of TV network NBC and movie studio Universal seems backwards to older media veterans who remember the ascent of upstart cable versus the powerful Big 3 TV networks in the 70’s/80’s. It proves that media itself has become a commodity to be digested across a panoply of distribution channels. It just so happens […]

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Online news is a commodity, readers won’t pay for it

The Denver Post is conducting a poll to its readers – would you pay to access news online? The Denver Post already plans to start charging for content. Would the overwhelming results of this informal reader poll change their mind? It boils down to, how stupid are they? This is a followup from yesterday’s article […]

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The Decline of Reading

Why are print newspapers shutting down presses, and book publishers decrying where their readers went? Today’s NY Times essentially says this: (Charts, of course, not based on actual statistics; for descriptive purposes only) Consumers are increasingly avoiding newspapers — and books, too — because the text mode is now used so infrequently that it can […]

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Embed YouTube videos on Twitter

I always had this notion that if Twitter could embed videos, it would do three things: Become a full fledged broadcast media. Now Twitter “channels” can be created. As a true broadcast media, TV news organizations would jump all over this by embedding their video stories for distribution and publicity. This would position Twitter as […]

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The New Web 2.5 Opportunity: Create Media Hubs

TODAY’S ONLINE CONTENT FATIGUE Web 2.0 could be described as a phase in the evolution of the Internet that facilitated individuals in creating content within the constructs of social websites (blogs) and social networks (as participants). User-generated content was the New New Thing when it first appeared refreshingly on blogs (in 2002 blogs were being […]

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Evolution of Justin.TV as a Personal Broadcast Channel

Justin Kan, founder of Justin.TV, achieved notoriety in March 2007 by hooking up a webcam on a helmet and broadcasting his life 24-by-7. Justin.TV was born to facilitate similar life streaming broadcasts by individuals. The evolution of the business model twisted from personal, user-generated broadcast content, Justin style, to a media site that hosts individual […]

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The Role of Twitter Spammers in Twitter Ecology

At Twitter, the act of spamming is universally panned. The first act of the Twitter Spammer is to “follow” up to 2,000 Twitterers (Twitter apparently sets the limit at 2,000 follows for new accounts). The spammer usually creates multiple Twitter accounts and spends an hour of continuous clicking following 2,000 in a big Twitter database […]

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The Portable Social Graph

The Portable Social Graph is a killer concept behind the future social media business model. Very few can envision it because few live examples exist melding social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter into more traditional popular websites – ecommerce sites like Amazon, media sites like NYTimes or Hulu, and corporate/organizational sites like Toyota or […]

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Proposition 8 Musical with Jack Black as Jesus

Sound bite video lives so well at Will Ferrell founded Funny or Die. 2 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a laugh… it’s the end of attention span. See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

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