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Social travel – how Airbnb changes hospitality, even real estate

Airbnb,¬†according to Techcrunch and others, is planning a mega-round raise at a $1 billion+ valuation, and validated social travel in one swoop. It redefines what a “hotel room” is, even one year ago the only viable short term rental space for the masses. Airbnb allows anybody to rent out living space – a refurbished basement, […]

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Social profiling, then face to face meeting, is happening

Another societal sea change is evolving. People now trust in online profiles enough to invite complete strangers into their homes. AirBnB is proof. AirBnB is a service that allows people to post their homes and extra space as rental properties: AirBnB is a tipping point indication of the credibility of the social media as reputation […]

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Geolocation spurs the commercial social media

———————– The latest Facebook metrics are powerful: 400 million active users (7% of the world), 50% of them logging on each day and spending more than 55 minutes daily on Facebook. The sudden concentration of traffic on the social media led by Facebook has caught business by surprise. In particular, small and local businesses don’t […]

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Social Media Application Consolidation

Entrepreneurs and web designers launched a slew of social real estate applications over the past two years – literally hundreds of social networks devoted to real estate, multi-author real estate blog/magazines, and a variety of listings sites. Most of these sites still plod along with plateau traffic volume. Even a year ago, it may have […]

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The Free Social Media Training Platform

We have had success providing our social media training platform to a number of REALTOR Boards (an example in far flung Oklahoma City) and are extending the platform to any associations or enterprises who can use a social media training resource free. The free social media training platform View more presentations from Pat Kitano. We’re […]

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San Francisco & Civic Social Media

From Craig Newmark’s blog, Gavin Newsom is introducing social media to San Francisco civics, and creating a Zappos-like Twitter channel @SF311 to support non-emergency city nuisances like potholes and trash. is set up for citizens to discuss the local issues related to the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) passed by Congress, also known […]

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Marketing a Hyperlocal Site to your Community

We’ve been experimentally marketing Breaking San Francisco News, and have discovered many ways to attract local traffic to the site. 1. Since Breaking News City sites aggregate the best local Twitter feeds, the best viral marketing is through Twitter. So create a new Twitter account as the voice for Breaking SF News. 2. Find and […]

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The Democratic Web: Giving People the DIY Tools to Build their own Web Applications

Yes, we know how easy it is to build a web application today., launched by digg’s Kevin Rose, became a hit and got cloned quickly by Although the barriers to entry for developing a web application are low, it’s still difficult for non-technical “normal” people to build their own web application easily. Most […]

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Zappos-izing Companies

Zappos has become iconic as THE enterprise that embraces social media – it occupies a singular position that no other company seems to be able to touch so far. And it’s surprising that we haven’t heard of any other company that hasn’t institutionalized social media as an important facet of their organization. Social media is […]

Comments { 0 } – “Instant time” hyperlocal news, and broadcast what is happening in each city in real time through a survey of local Twitter feeds and contributions from Twitterers who add tweets to the scrolling news feed using a specific #hashtag system. The Advent of the Breaking News websites We’re just beginning to see the development of “breaking news” […]

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