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Where are the brands on the Facebook news feed?

Check Facebook’s new “hybrid” news feed. You’ll see your friends, especially those well-liked baby and pet pictures posts. But you won’t see very many brands you once saw, particularly those that link to news, information, pictures and video. I myself subscribe to lots of media, and they have all disappeared from the feed. The issue […]

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Why the Facebook Personal News Feeds won’t Work

It’s the INUNDATION factor. Since I do not intimately know most of my Facebook friends, I do not want to be inundated by: 1) Where they have checked in 2) What music they listen to 3) What they “like” on Facebook Facebook’s new platform changes confirms their mission to broadcast (or a more kind term, […]

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Social travel – how Airbnb changes hospitality, even real estate

Airbnb,¬†according to Techcrunch and others, is planning a mega-round raise at a $1 billion+ valuation, and validated social travel in one swoop. It redefines what a “hotel room” is, even one year ago the only viable short term rental space for the masses. Airbnb allows anybody to rent out living space – a refurbished basement, […]

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Facebook Places – the ocean where all tributaries flow

The long awaited announcement of Facebook Places this afternoon sure was anticlimactic. The “Check-in” is now institutionalized, and the masses of 500,000,000+ Facebook members can now enjoy what 2 million Foursquare members have been doing. But that was what was expected; the gorilla just tossed its hat into the ring. The main function Facebook brings […]

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Geolocation spurs the commercial social media

———————– The latest Facebook metrics are powerful: 400 million active users (7% of the world), 50% of them logging on each day and spending more than 55 minutes daily on Facebook. The sudden concentration of traffic on the social media led by Facebook has caught business by surprise. In particular, small and local businesses don’t […]

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Real time web moving too fast for mainstream media

The powerful launch of Google Buzz (Mashable | Google Buzz has completely changed the game) last week signals the arrival of the Real Time Web as a truly new media. It’s been well documented that Twitter has established itself a breaking news source. Google Buzz, Facebook and Twitter form a triumvirate channel for sourcing news […]

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Social Media Application Consolidation

Entrepreneurs and web designers launched a slew of social real estate applications over the past two years – literally hundreds of social networks devoted to real estate, multi-author real estate blog/magazines, and a variety of listings sites. Most of these sites still plod along with plateau traffic volume. Even a year ago, it may have […]

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The Free Social Media Training Platform

We have had success providing our social media training platform to a number of REALTOR Boards (an example in far flung Oklahoma City) and are extending the platform to any associations or enterprises who can use a social media training resource free. The free social media training platform View more presentations from Pat Kitano. We’re […]

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1 in 4 US Pageviews on Facebook

Facebook’s share of 25% of US pageviews is truly dominating for an application that just started taking off a couple of years ago. Businesses can’t afford to ignore social media in the face of this.

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Using Social Media as a Business, not a Social Tool

(from Soshable) Twitter started out as a social tool, asking its users “What are you doing?”. Now, it’s become an effective business networking tool with an agenda…¬† “What are you pushing?”. Business social networking boils down to two motivations to building a productive network: 1) getting your message across, and 2) getting others to feel […]

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