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Airbnb creates real estate liquidity

Airbnb (see my previous article on Airbnb for a description of the business) creates a new revenue layer in real estate that supplements cash flow for property owners (and even renters).¬† Yes, vacation rental sites like HomeAway and VRBO have established rental classifieds system but they operate as advertising media and require upfront annual subscription […]

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Social travel – how Airbnb changes hospitality, even real estate

Airbnb,¬†according to Techcrunch and others, is planning a mega-round raise at a $1 billion+ valuation, and validated social travel in one swoop. It redefines what a “hotel room” is, even one year ago the only viable short term rental space for the masses. Airbnb allows anybody to rent out living space – a refurbished basement, […]

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Groupon for Real Estate

Groupon-like deals can work for real estate, but not as a typical $10 for $20 worth of product purchase. Real estate can’t be sold as a 30% off purchase price item (although they certainly tried variations of this at California real estate investment clubs in 2005). Real estate marketing has generally relied on variations of […]

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Real Estate’s Social Media Tidal Wave

Real estate brokers and agents are an identifiable categorical group in the social media, everybody recognizes their presence talking shop or chatting up the local community. The industry’s relationship with the Internet has historically been mercenary; the principal reason for online presence, whether with a website in 2001, a blog in 2007 or a Facebook […]

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Media is the New Marketing – Slideshow

This slideshow is a presentation we’ll be making for the California Association of Realtors next month. Marketing local business services like real estate to a community is changing. Pushing to a community via drip email marketing and shopping cart advertisements is time consuming and frankly more intrusive to the recipient than broadcasting the same information […]

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Is the Media Community finally seeing the connection between hyperlocal and real estate?

In his updates from the CUNY New Business Models for News forum in Aspen, Jeff Jarvis discusses how a Salt Lake City newspaper acquired a real estate agency in order to sell houses as an alternative commercial venture. Also here at Aspen, I was amazed and impressed to hear newspaper owner Dean Singleton tell some […]

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How to Twitter Guide for Local Merchants

We see Twitter positioning itself as a local advertising platform: it’s simple to use, requires little time commitment to Tweet, and free. Here’s a guide for local merchants on how to use Twitter to reach their local audience: 1) How different local merchants should use Twitter 2) How to build a local Twitter consumer community […]

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The Democratic Web: Giving People the DIY Tools to Build their own Web Applications

Yes, we know how easy it is to build a web application today., launched by digg’s Kevin Rose, became a hit and got cloned quickly by Although the barriers to entry for developing a web application are low, it’s still difficult for non-technical “normal” people to build their own web application easily. Most […]

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The Breaking News Network

The Domus Breaking News Network is an initiative by the Domus Consulting Group to create new online media to broadcast real time information. The emergence of social media applications like Twitter that provide instantaneous ways to broadcast and communicate any kind of news is changing the way people digest information. For example, advertising as a […]

Comments { 8 } – “Instant time” hyperlocal news, and broadcast what is happening in each city in real time through a survey of local Twitter feeds and contributions from Twitterers who add tweets to the scrolling news feed using a specific #hashtag system. The Advent of the Breaking News websites We’re just beginning to see the development of “breaking news” […]

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