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Partisan Politics and the Social Media

I was listening to NPR Radio this morning, but couldn’t find the audio on NPR’s site. They were discussing how the masses were choosing to receive their daily news based on their political ideology, and finding a comfort level in hearing broadcasters who reflected their viewpoints. According to the NPR reporter, this trend is affecting […]

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San Francisco & Civic Social Media

From Craig Newmark’s blog, Gavin Newsom is introducing social media to San Francisco civics, and creating a Zappos-like Twitter channel @SF311 to support non-emergency city nuisances like potholes and trash. is set up for citizens to discuss the local issues related to the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) passed by Congress, also known […]

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Online news is a commodity, readers won’t pay for it

The Denver Post is conducting a poll to its readers – would you pay to access news online? The Denver Post already plans to start charging for content. Would the overwhelming results of this informal reader poll change their mind? It boils down to, how stupid are they? This is a followup from yesterday’s article […]

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The Best Way to Become the Hub of your Community using Twitter

The Best Way to Become the Hub of your Community using Twitter View more presentations from Pat Kitano. We’re registering for our next Social Media Marketing workshops starting Friday, May 8 at 10:30pdt / 1:30edt. During these sessions, we help build Breaking News City sites for our clients. Register at Breaking News City Sites: […]

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Social Media Consulting from Top to Bottom

We’re receiving assignments that help corporations reposition themselves as “Zappos” of their industry. This is the mission we’ve been aiming for with our consulting business. I think we’re reaching a tipping point for the adoption of social media by society where companies and organizations now must understand that reaching the customer through conversational means instead […]

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The Future of Twitter. Web 2.0 Expo seems Stuck on This.

As much as we love Twitter, Web 2.0 Expo seems stuck at what Twitter has wrought, and can’t seem to focus further than the next Twitter app. WSJ Digits reports that the presentation on Twitter business models was the most popular, and the best comment they could muster is “Twitter is the canary in the […]

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How Obama is Pushing Society Online

President Obama staged an 80-minute interactive town hall meeting this morning at 11:30 EDT. In the span of an hour or so, he received 92,000 questions online, from which 3.6 million votes were cast voting up/down those questions. Idea: his administration should create a “White House Connect” application based on a white label Google Friend […]

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10 Steps to Attract Twitterers You Want in Your Network

Twitter makes it easy to meet people you want to meet: EXPRESS GOOD WILL – Following your followers (unless they are truly unsavory) acknowledges their existence and is a good will gesture. You never know whether a stranger is going to turn out to be a great network contact… ACKNOWLEDGE – If you follow somebody […]

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Managing Massive Social Networks While Retaining Community

Recently, there has been new commentary on the unmanageability of massive social networks, particularly on Twitter and Facebook. In October, we addressed how Twitter was the most easy social media application to build massive stranger networks. However, many use Twitter like an IM tool to keep track of their closer friends and others they find […]

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The Larger Meaning of / Facebook Collaboration

I sometimes ruminate over new concepts for 24 hours to figure out their implications rather than jot down a quick “yowza” blog post. and Facebook’s integrated coverage of the Obama Inaugural yesterday was striking because it was the first time I saw all my Facebook friends come to life in a unified, mostly coherent […]

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