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Klout as Good Will Engine

Klout is known as a metric for assessing social influence. Like Google Page Rank, few understand what else Klout can do beyond being an iconic metric. One overlooked practical role that Klout faciliates is influencer curation. Through curation, brands garner good will by providing recognition, even rewards, to influencers who have synergetic relationships with that […]

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Twylah, Twitter, News and SEO

Twylah is a service that aggregates a Twitter feed and compiles the articles they link into a Flipboard like display.   Many reviewers have explained the mechanics of Twylah in far more detail than I can: Robert Scoble: “Twylah lets media brands and celebrities monetize their Twitter stream” Neal Schaffer: “Twitter SEO? Think Twylah“ We’ve […]

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Cost-effective ways for local businesses to promote themselves online

This article is posted by Mark Armitage, Director of Marketing Communications for The landscape for local social marketing opportunities is expanding rapidly, and he provides an overview. For local business owners, whilst daily deals sites like Groupon and LivingSocial can drive large volumes of new customers, the profitability of running an offer through them can […]

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8 Major Social Commerce Trends for 2011

“Social commerce” became a buzz word in the summer of 2010: Here are eight new trends in social commerce that will appear in 2011: 1) Demand based shopping applications Groupon demonstrated how supply in the form of retail inventory can be packaged into deep discount opportunities. Demand is the inverse – how many people in […]

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The problems with Groupon culture

The dark side of the Daily Deals phenomenon manifests in three main problems vendors have with Groupon: Groupon can overwhelm small merchants when it sells too many coupons. How can a Chicago nail salon accommodate 5,100 new coupon holders? Groupon depresses profit margins. Obviously deep discount coupons are marketing loss leaders for local retailers. On […]

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Groupon + Gap = tipping point for coupon adoption in America

Groupon‘s nationwide rollout of $25 for $50 worth of Gap merchandise got a lot of mainstream media airplay and sold 441,000 Groupons, netting $11 million. The net effect is the mainstream buzz that introduces Groupon to America. The “daily deal” is becoming institutionalized as the advertising medium most compatible with the Great Recession. Here is […]

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Twitter talks about real time advertising via @earlybird

Techcrunch posted this video interview in which Twitter product manager Shiva Rajaraman discusses how Twitter using its @earlybird couponing channel can work with brands to offer perishable deals on the fly (something we discussed last week): At first blush, Twitter faces three hurdles: @earlybird is positioned as another Groupon/LivingSocial/BuywithMe/etc., and couponing is becoming commoditized. So […]

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Five future trends in mobile coupons

Couponing exploded the first half of 2010, driven in part by Groupon’s big VC investment. reported almost double the revenues from the first half of 2010 over previous year. published a forecast on mobile applications and couponing (click twice on graphic to enlarge) that predicts consumer spending on mobile coupon will grow from […]

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And every retail business will have a :30 second video

Google is talking about interactive video ads at this weekend’s Allen & Co. conference. Today, Twitvid is launching its video advertising platform over Twitter (press release). What’s important to know about video is that there is already an institutional history of the video format in the form of the :30 television spot. Like television, the […]

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Local Couponing Aggregation and What’s Next

Thanks to the growing buzz of local couponers Groupon and its cohorts, consumers are being exposed to and adopting the deep discount coupon opportunities in their neighborhoods. The next step in the evolution of local coupon advertising is aggregating all the coupons and displaying them in lists and on maps. The one stop shop approach […]

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