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Innovative Community Engagement Strategies

Happy New Year! Tomorrow there is a Virtual Real Estate Bar Camp produced by our friends at Real Estate Tomato. It’s a series of webinars that run throughout the day, I’ll be on at 3:00pm CA time. Register here. I’ll be discussing innovative community engagement strategies: Innovative Community Engagement Strategies View more presentations from Pat […]

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Media Predictions for 2010

1) Community Engagement will become the Driver of Local Media Local news used to be the province of the local newspapers, radio stations and TV. It’s become clear consumers will digest local news online as newspapers shut down, and on the Internet, all media are equal – TV, radio and print websites compete for the […]

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Yes, Webinars are Social Media too

Friend Dean Guadagni referred me to this 2009 Social Media Marketing Benchmarking Study conducted by Although not really considered a social media tool, webinar training has been lauded as the most useful social media resource for business purposes: We also asked respondents to describe the MOST useful social media resource they’ve found for business. […]

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Zappos-izing Companies

Zappos has become iconic as THE enterprise that embraces social media – it occupies a singular position that no other company seems to be able to touch so far. And it’s surprising that we haven’t heard of any other company that hasn’t institutionalized social media as an important facet of their organization. Social media is […]

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Social Media Consulting from Top to Bottom

We’re receiving assignments that help corporations reposition themselves as “Zappos” of their industry. This is the mission we’ve been aiming for with our consulting business. I think we’re reaching a tipping point for the adoption of social media by society where companies and organizations now must understand that reaching the customer through conversational means instead […]

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Leveraging the Social Graph for Business Referrals

For business purposes, the social graph creates an optimal referral network. As far as I know, no company has gotten into the national business of showing the myriad business networks – chambers of commerces, civic organizations like Lions club, even athletic leagues and churches – how to leverage social media for the business benefit of […]

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Social Media for Business

As some readers may know, my firm has been developing social media strategies for real estate business development. Real estate is an industry whose practitioners require hyperlocal presence. Although real estate professionals have been joining social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to develop that presence, the rest of their community of friends, clients and […]

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Introducing a Social Media System for NonProfits (Free!)

Non-profit and charitable organizations are impacted by the global recession due to their dependence upon donors and strategic partners. Barack Obama proved how he can mobilize a network behind a cause using the social media. Domus Consulting Group has been a leader in educating the real estate industry on how to use the social media […]

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Introducing a Social Media System for News Organizations (Free!)

Few news media companies know how to effectively develop their social media resources; they still hide behind their call letters or mastheads and broadcast one way. Citizen journalists – in effect, the masses – are the closest to breaking news events and stories, so tapping into the social media is becoming the key to real […]

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