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Innovative Community Engagement Strategies

Happy New Year! Tomorrow there is a Virtual Real Estate Bar Camp produced by our friends at Real Estate Tomato. It’s a series of webinars that run throughout the day, I’ll be on at 3:00pm CA time. Register here. I’ll be discussing innovative community engagement strategies: Innovative Community Engagement Strategies View more presentations from Pat […]

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Media Predictions for 2010

1) Community Engagement will become the Driver of Local Media Local news used to be the province of the local newspapers, radio stations and TV. It’s become clear consumers will digest local news online as newspapers shut down, and on the Internet, all media are equal – TV, radio and print websites compete for the […]

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Yes, Webinars are Social Media too

Friend Dean Guadagni referred me to this 2009 Social Media Marketing Benchmarking Study conducted by Although not really considered a social media tool, webinar training has been lauded as the most useful social media resource for business purposes: We also asked respondents to describe the MOST useful social media resource they’ve found for business. […]

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The Free Social Media Training Platform

We have had success providing our social media training platform to a number of REALTOR Boards (an example in far flung Oklahoma City) and are extending the platform to any associations or enterprises who can use a social media training resource free. The free social media training platform View more presentations from Pat Kitano. We’re […]

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Tony Robbins & Twitter

Programming motivational speaker Tony Robbins at the 140 | Twitter conference was a stroke of genius. Not only did it inject spirit into the staid normality of a tech conference, but Tony presented how he’s integrated Twitter into the Robbins’ philosophy. Simply put, Robbins laid out the Maslow-like six human needs and demonstrated how Twitter […]

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Panel: Proven Hyperlocal Business Models on Twitter

At noon today at the 140 Twitter Conference at the Skirball in LA, we’ll be hosting a panel on Hyperlocal Twitter Business Models. If you’re at #140TC, please join us at the Breakout Room. H/T to Steve Broback for putting together a conference that combines celebrity and tech in an engaging setting.

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140 | The Twitter Conference in LA Sept 22-23

We’re delighted that our Breaking News Network is one of the event sponsors of 140 | The Twitter Conference in Los Angeles on September 22-23. The Parnassus Group (we like this friendly group a lot)  has lined up a Hollywood-inspired roster of speakers that should provide a lot of personality for a tech conference. We […]

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Build an Instantly Trafficked Media Site in a few hours

Mark Madsen noticed all the media coverage devoted to the crackdown on Iran over the weekend and decided to build Breaking Iran News in a few hours. We’re pleased to see him provide a way to show how the world and humanity is changing. Breaking Iran News aggregates the Twitter, Twitpic, Flickr and Picasa feeds […]

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The Revolution will be Twitpic’d

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Lakers vs. Nuggets – The Power of Breaking Sports News to a City

Breaking LA News is aggregating Twitter feeds for the Lakers /Nugget game 4 this Memorial Day. Hyperlocal breaking news are ideal for broadcasting local interest events, and have the additional benefit of attracting a huge national audience. We assisted in augmenting the traffic to the site with two well placed comments (albeit more like ads) […]

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