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The Free Social Media Training Platform

We have had success providing our social media training platform to a number of REALTOR Boards (an example in far flung Oklahoma City) and are extending the platform to any associations or enterprises who can use a social media training resource free. The free social media training platform View more presentations from Pat Kitano. We’re […]

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San Francisco & Civic Social Media

From Craig Newmark’s blog, Gavin Newsom is introducing social media to San Francisco civics, and creating a Zappos-like Twitter channel @SF311 to support non-emergency city nuisances like potholes and trash. is set up for citizens to discuss the local issues related to the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) passed by Congress, also known […]

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Ten Ways Twitter has Completely Changed the Sales Process

Twitter is fueling Enterprise 2.0 and changing the sales process by opening up how providers and clients discover, interact and close deals with each other. It’s not hard to imagine that all sales forces will be Twitter-based within a few years (if not Twitter, some other system that ties providers and clients into open networks). […]

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What’s Missing from Today’s Hyperlocal Sites – Community Leadership

What’s missing from sites focused on a city? Community organizers. It’s the same leadership dilemma facing any organization, whether physical or virtual. Hyperlocal sites need to be driven and organized by hubs and influencers of the local community, and these hubs need to feel invested and committed to their “city site”. Hyperlocal “news” sites like […]

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The Democratic Web: Giving People the DIY Tools to Build their own Web Applications

Yes, we know how easy it is to build a web application today., launched by digg’s Kevin Rose, became a hit and got cloned quickly by Although the barriers to entry for developing a web application are low, it’s still difficult for non-technical “normal” people to build their own web application easily. Most […]

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9 Ways to Monetize Twitter Analyzed

At this point in the evolution of the social media, pay-to-play runs counter to any social network business model. The wildly popular Twitter will eventually have to break the barrier and declare a revenue model. In December, AdAge offered up a list of 9 ways Twitter can make money: Charge for it Advertising Create a […]

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Incorporate “Breaking News” into Websites and Make Them Compelling Reads

I have been discussing over the past half year a new paradigm for capturing committed loyal readership to websites using “Breaking News”. Consumers contemplating any major financial transaction based activity – real estate, securities, cars, even retail – need continual flow of real time news to evaluate when to pull the trigger on the transaction. […]

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Strategic Corporate Investment in Social Media – Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn raised $22.7 million and their new investors include enterprise systems company SAP and publisher McGraw-Hill. Strategic reasons? (just guessing) An enterprise system company like SAP can port LinkedIn’s personal profile data, networks and network communications within the enterprise system. This automates the user experience so they may continue to work on LinkedIn, and have […]

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Weird Corporate Virtual Worlds

Reuter reports that IBM has created a virtual China’s Forbidden City that allows visitors “to dress up as an imperial eunuch and meet a courtesan.” (h/t Techcrunch) It has been over three years in the making and cost over $3 million, provided by IBM as part of a community program. Here is the problem with […]

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Clueless Corporate Social Networks

Most corporations are backing into developing a social media presence just because it’s being demanded by their managements when they read the headline: 93% of Americans want Companies to have presence on Social Media Sites. Valleywag notes the social media manager at GM admits she doesn’t quite see the ROI of social media-izing their cars: […]

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