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San Francisco & Civic Social Media

From Craig Newmark’s blog, Gavin Newsom is introducing social media to San Francisco civics, and creating a Zappos-like Twitter channel @SF311 to support non-emergency city nuisances like potholes and trash. is set up for citizens to discuss the local issues related to the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) passed by Congress, also known […]

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Online news is a commodity, readers won’t pay for it

The Denver Post is conducting a poll to its readers – would you pay to access news online? The Denver Post already plans to start charging for content. Would the overwhelming results of this informal reader poll change their mind? It boils down to, how stupid are they? This is a followup from yesterday’s article […]

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How Obama is Pushing Society Online

President Obama staged an 80-minute interactive town hall meeting this morning at 11:30 EDT. In the span of an hour or so, he received 92,000 questions online, from which 3.6 million votes were cast voting up/down those questions. Idea: his administration should create a “White House Connect” application based on a white label Google Friend […]

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Leveraging Social Media Presence for Business

Having a social media presence attracts opportunities. Twitter in particular has introduced me to many people with common, shared business interests – they come out of the blue and we become close friends very quickly based on our business compatibility. Many “social media experts” promote consulting, or how to get rich quick schemes based on […]

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Open Source Funding – Mark Cuban Simplifies Venture Capital

Mark Cuban proposes his contribution to the Stimulus Plan by allowing entrepreneurs to post “business plans” as comments to his article Open Source Funding. His criteria in a nutshell – business plans are posted for all to see, comment, and steal if they want. Mark sends a non-negotiable contract for funding. I’m glad Mark is […]

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10 Leading Trends in Social Media for 2009

Happy New Year! 1) 2008 Crushed the Old Media, 2009 will see New Business Models Two blog posts describe the destruction: From Editor & Publisher 12/30/08: No Bull: 2008 — The Year Newspaper Stocks Collapsed (h/t Inquisitr ) The statistics behind the collapse of newspaper stocks in 2008 are sobering as New Year’s Eve approaches: […]

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The Justified Outrage of “Bloggers”

Tonight on CNN, David Gergen mentions that public perception turned against the Big Three auto bailout when “bloggers” feasted on the Big Three’s executives arriving to the November 19 Senate hearings in corporate jets (“going to the soup kitchen in tuxedoes“). Now they’re driving their hybrids to tomorrow’s hearings, but the gesture smacks of an […]

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The YouTube Pulpit

YouTube has huge media advantages over mainstream media: It’s free. Buying airtime is way expensive. It has global reach. Airtime only reaches a regional broadcast area. It’s viral. Anybody can embed YouTube messages like I’ve done. It’s time to call YouTube the uber-network, it transcends TV and cable. Barack Obama has endorsed it for his […]

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Why We Don’t Trust Bankers

The bumbling ex-banker and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson sure needs a few PR lessons: Is it any wonder we’re skeptical that the bankers will take all those billions and use them for the common good? A classic “greedy bankers” WAMU commercial

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