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The Breaking News Network thinks it can fix hyperlocal journalism with lots and lots of Twitter feeds

The Breaking News Network thinks it can fix hyperlocal journalism with lots and lots of Twitter feeds (via Pando Daily) By Richard Nieva On June 10, 2013 Hyperlocal news is a cruel sector that has already taken down a number of contenders, famously including ones with corporate balance sheets. So when one company tries to […]

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Jeff Jarvis broaches the subject of Realtors as Community Media Hubs

Last week at Inman Connect, a real estate technology conference, Jeff Jarvis discusses two ideas we believe in: 1) Real estate professionals can leverage their networks to become hyperlocal media resources. And by doing so, they benefit from building the community networks they need to source referrals for their real estate business. 2) Real estate […]

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Twylah, Twitter, News and SEO

Twylah is a service that aggregates a Twitter feed and compiles the articles they link into a Flipboard like display.   Many reviewers have explained the mechanics of Twylah in far more detail than I can: Robert Scoble: “Twylah lets media brands and celebrities monetize their Twitter stream” Neal Schaffer: “Twitter SEO? Think Twylah“ We’ve […]

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Hyperlocal media as a free community service could disrupt advertising models

The classic, and perhaps only business model supporting hyperlocal journalistic efforts like and other local media is local advertising. On last week, Ted Mann, Digital Development Director for Gannett NJ, discusses why Gannett’s hyperlocal experiment failed. The main and obvious reason is simply local advertising cannot adequately cover expenses. So… What if […]

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Groupon for Real Estate

Groupon-like deals can work for real estate, but not as a typical $10 for $20 worth of product purchase. Real estate can’t be sold as a 30% off purchase price item (although they certainly tried variations of this at California real estate investment clubs in 2005). Real estate marketing has generally relied on variations of […]

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Five ways to make Local News Technologies better

Local community news has always been hard to produce profitably with scale. Local news is only relevant to those who live within the community, and it makes cost per thousand based advertising models untenable when readership may log in the hundreds. Without a revenue model to hire editors and writers, the cheapest way to source […]

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A New Local Business Model for Twitter

Since Twitter is finding it difficult to create a bona fide business model based on its platform alone, they should look into developing broad new applications based on Twitter First, look at what Twitter does best: breaking news. The Twitter platform is natural for disseminating local news right down to the neighborhood level. Ev Williams […]

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Geolocation spurs the commercial social media

———————– The latest Facebook metrics are powerful: 400 million active users (7% of the world), 50% of them logging on each day and spending more than 55 minutes daily on Facebook. The sudden concentration of traffic on the social media led by Facebook has caught business by surprise. In particular, small and local businesses don’t […]

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Hyperlocal Advertising Model using Twitter Couponing

Hyperlocal Advertising Model using Twitter Couponing View more presentations from Pat Kitano.

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Real time web moving too fast for mainstream media

The powerful launch of Google Buzz (Mashable | Google Buzz has completely changed the game) last week signals the arrival of the Real Time Web as a truly new media. It’s been well documented that Twitter has established itself a breaking news source. Google Buzz, Facebook and Twitter form a triumvirate channel for sourcing news […]

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