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The Shared Economy needs Couriers

Until now, one of the main value propositions offered by local retailers has been the immediacy of purchase: “If you need it now, come pick it up now.” With online commerce, consumers may pay less, but they also have to delay their gratification, waiting for days or weeks for product delivery. But as the window […]

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SMBs and Content Marketing

“Content marketing” has become the new mantra for brand marketers inspired by viral marketing sensations like the Old Spice Man to reinvigorate a washed up brand. I attended the Content Marketing Conference this week, where the focus is adaptation to a new marketing paradigm that uses content to engage, and more importantly transact with consumers. I see […]

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How media is nurturing its own startups

With a few notable exceptions, major media companies have not been known for their innovation in the digital age. After first spending years with their heads under the sand pretending that online media wouldn’t supplant their traditional business models, they have largely created defensive digital products, hoping to keep from falling behind rather than looking […]

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