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How to become a first time online entrepreneur

The biggest occupational trend in the restructuring of the economy has been the newly minted entrepreneur. The media regales us with stories about the new startup incubators like Y Combinator, and the success stories of their progeny. All roads to developing a new business point to leveraging the Internet with some sort of social, commercial […]

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The Shared Economy is Local

The new shared economy being ushered in by startups like Airbnb, Relayrides and Toolspinner is creating new marketplaces where locals can rent their own rooms, cars and tools to their neighbors. Coined “collaborative consumption“, this new trend enables the efficient consumer sharing of resources and goods that are used on occasion as an alternative to outright ownership and […]

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The problem with local advertising – it’s ugly

Advertising is an eyesore. Sao Paulo, Brazil, the world’s 7th largest city with a population of over 12 million, embarked on a policy of billboard free zones in 2006, and according to Good Cities, the masses are happy without the “visual pollution”. Billboards notwithstanding, local advertising – TV and radio commercials, newspaper ads, online banner ads […]

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