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Building Business Models Based on Local Influence

The advent of Klout and other new forms of social influence tabulation mirrors the power shift of media influence from traditional to social channels. Anybody with a voice can build a following, and the new business models evolving around influence metrics allow businesses to reward influencers with the hopes of converting them into advocates. Klout’s first foray […]

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What do locals look for in local news?

Last month, Pew Internet published a media study on “How People Learn about their Community”. After the weather, breaking news – a real time ticker tape amalgam of Arab leaders being overthrown, earthquakes, sports scores, murders and accidents – comprise what locals look for. So what do people look for in local news? It’s pretty mundane. Local […]

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The Rise of the new Local Social Marketing Agency

Yes, BIA/Kelsey’s survey says 48% of SMBs are on Facebook. However, the more telling implication of the above chart is how SMBs don’t even use marketing methods that have been around for a while (43% on email?) or are well recognized as effective (22% with blogs, most likely abandoned). At Street Fight Summit last month, […]

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