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Klout as Good Will Engine

Klout is known as a metric for assessing social influence. Like Google Page Rank, few understand what else Klout can do beyond being an iconic metric. One overlooked practical role that Klout faciliates is influencer curation. Through curation, brands garner good will by providing recognition, even rewards, to influencers who have synergetic relationships with that […]

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Twylah, Twitter, News and SEO

Twylah is a service that aggregates a Twitter feed and compiles the articles they link into a Flipboard like display.   Many reviewers have explained the mechanics of Twylah in far more detail than I can: Robert Scoble: “Twylah lets media brands and celebrities monetize their Twitter stream” Neal Schaffer: “Twitter SEO? Think Twylah“ We’ve […]

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Where are the brands on the Facebook news feed?

Check Facebook’s new “hybrid” news feed. You’ll see your friends, especially those well-liked baby and pet pictures posts. But you won’t see very many brands you once saw, particularly those that link to news, information, pictures and video. I myself subscribe to lots of media, and they have all disappeared from the feed. The issue […]

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