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Hyperlocal Media as a Community Service

My article “Hyperlocal as Community Service Media” on Streetfight discusses why building local media resources to serve the community makes sense. Creating local media is no longer the province of media companies, curation and aggregation tools make it easy for anybody to develop a simple local media resource that maintains itself 24×7. The disruptive concept […]

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Google + Widget

mbgc=’f5f5f5′;ww=’210′;mbc=’fffff’;bbc=’3F79D5′;bmobc=’3b71c6′;bbgc=’4889F0′;bmoc=’3F79D5′;bfc=’FFFFFF’;bmofc=’ffffff’;tlc=’ffffff’;tc=’6a6a6a’;nc=’6a6a6a’;bc=’6a6a6a’;l=’y’;t=”;fs=’16’;fsb=’13’;bw=’100′;ff=’4′;pc=’4889F0′;b=’s’; pid=’103610325818228965131′; Now that Google+ is bonafide, get the widget at

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