Social profiling, then face to face meeting, is happening

Another societal sea change is evolving. People now trust in online profiles enough to invite complete strangers into their homes. AirBnB is proof.

AirBnB is a service that allows people to post their homes and extra space as rental properties:

AirBnB is a tipping point indication of the credibility of the social media as reputation system. No longer is a personal reference or a hefty security deposit required to vouch for good character, the collective voice of approval based on a social media profile becomes the criteria.

AirBnB opens society to a new tide of social media utility by evoking a different mission in travel – the socialized experience. Before AirBnB, travel was generally a solitary experience of booking a plane and a hotel. With AirBnB, part of the mission is to connect with others who have shared interests in different cities. The chance to build new friendships is compelling, and frankly has always been the addictive part of the travel experience. With AirBnB, people have more control over their social destiny, but the new relationships still retain the charm of being based on luck or serendipity (simply because the discovery was made online).

A new movement to creating serendipitous relationship opportunities by social profiling

LetsLunch and Lunchtree fulfills a need every Silicon Valley person has – one on one networking based on mutual business interest. Social profiling is nothing new; before social graphs, matches were made eHarmony style with detailed questionnaires. The new process efficiently does away with questionnaires by importing relevant profile data from the social networks:

(from Lunchtree)

I’ve done four LetsLunches and the resulting connections made are far more substantive than a distracting chat in a conference hallway. Connecting people to develop useful, even winning relationships is the new social Groupon. The efficient delivery of what people want, whether it’s a product, a relationship, a job, or other opportunities, will be the inspiration for the next set of compelling social applications.

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