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Evolutionary Product Development goes into Overdrive

Innovation has gone into overdrive as Facebook, Google and Yahoo! serially announce a plethora of innovative products every week. This week brings: Facebook messaging – social email that allows Facebook to access all their emails without ever leaving Facebook. Google Hotpot – a recommendation engine associated with Google Places that roams right into Yelp territory, […]

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Twitter as Utility – the reason Twitter can’t identify the killer business model

“Twitter : One-to-many real time broadcast” from Mary Meeker, Web 2.0 presentation, November 16, 2010 Twitter has evolved into an efficient online broadcast media that it was destined to be. In fact, Twitter has become a broadcast platform akin to any communication media – i.e. radio or TV. It’s a utility. It’s the reason why […]

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Ten ways Facebook Deals changes the local deals landscape

Facebook announced yesterday that businesses can add deals and rewards for their customers who check in through Facebook Places. The impact on local advertising is huge: 1. Deals will be everywhere The “Deal” becomes the currency of local advertising because it is performance based, efficient for reaching the customer and isn’t burdened with the CPM-based […]

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