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The Future of Hyperlocal Couponing – Women’s Networks

The recent mainstream media articles demonstrating evidence of Groupon’s shortcomings (including last week’s article)  are focused on the consequences of its massive distribution capabilities and non-local presence. First there was the dodgy fake deals in Brazil, then there was a business owner saying offering a Groupon deal was the worst business decision she ever made, […]

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The problems with Groupon culture

The dark side of the Daily Deals phenomenon manifests in three main problems vendors have with Groupon: Groupon can overwhelm small merchants when it sells too many coupons. How can a Chicago nail salon accommodate 5,100 new coupon holders? Groupon depresses profit margins. Obviously deep discount coupons are marketing loss leaders for local retailers. On […]

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The Breaking News Network – the website

After over a year of experimentation, development, and business modeling of the Breaking News Network, we’ve arrived at an original and solid local media paradigm that we can launch from. We’ve created a central place at to learn about the Breaking News Network, and how we’re leveraging Daily Deals and supporting good causes to […]

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