Twitter talks about real time advertising via @earlybird

Techcrunch posted this video interview in which Twitter product manager Shiva Rajaraman discusses how Twitter using its @earlybird couponing channel can work with brands to offer perishable deals on the fly (something we discussed last week):

At first blush, Twitter faces three hurdles:

  1. @earlybird is positioned as another Groupon/LivingSocial/BuywithMe/etc., and couponing is becoming commoditized. So far, @earlybird hasn’t differentiated itself to be anything other than a Groupon clone.
  2. Brands can leverage Twitter (the platform) itself to develop perishable deal opportunities; companies or ad agencies don’t need to contract with Twitter for additional advertising leverage, they can contract more efficiently with the appropriate media channel. Twitter remains the platform but isn’t necessarily the ad distribution media. For example, real time perishable deals, like same day hotel rooms or air travel, or concert tickets, are generally localized opportunities. It makes more sense to work with hyperlocal media channels and their Twitter feeds to offer these kinds of deals to a market.
  3. Following up on 2), Twitter and @earlybird are essentially national channels. @earlybird will be best positioned to offer deals for global, not local coverage. Although Rajaraman offers examples on how brands can potentially create on the fly campaigns, it’s hard to imagine any ad agency or corporation being able to sign off quickly on an instant national deals. Again, on the fly deals work best on a local level.

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