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The New Hyperlocal Business Opportunities that Groupon spawns

Business Insider’s Evan Britton’s article How Entrepreneurs Can Cash-In On The Groupon Fad provides a glimpse of the future of hyperlocal marketing by listing five new opportunities inspired by Groupon. I’ll list these methods and expand on Mr. Britton’s list with concrete examples: 1. Create a blog. The blog platform, particularly WordPress, is ideal for […]

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Social media is evolving into a soundbite stream

Twitter started it…tweets replaced long form commentary. Messaging efficiency trumped the blog discourse. Now with Facebook Places charging out of the gate, we’ll soon see that the simple 10-second “check-in” process now becomes a value statement. In aggregate, 100 check-ins at a venue becomes “buzz” currency. It will impact restaurants, conferences, ski resorts, hotels, retailers… […]

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Groupon + Gap = tipping point for coupon adoption in America

Groupon‘s nationwide rollout of $25 for $50 worth of Gap merchandise got a lot of mainstream media airplay and sold 441,000 Groupons, netting $11 million. The net effect is the mainstream buzz that introduces Groupon to America. The “daily deal” is becoming institutionalized as the advertising medium most compatible with the Great Recession. Here is […]

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Facebook Places – the ocean where all tributaries flow

The long awaited announcement of Facebook Places this afternoon sure was anticlimactic. The “Check-in” is now institutionalized, and the masses of 500,000,000+ Facebook members can now enjoy what 2 million Foursquare members have been doing. But that was what was expected; the gorilla just tossed its hat into the ring. The main function Facebook brings […]

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Location + Discount Coupon = Party App

Mashable unveils startup GroupTabs, which leverages group check-ins to “tip” a deal like half price drinks inside a business. The application is what was once called a “mashup” by using Foursquare and Twitter APIs to check-in and adding the tipping coupon feature of Groupon. The business concept works because it feeds into the social need […]

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Twitter talks about real time advertising via @earlybird

Techcrunch posted this video interview in which Twitter product manager Shiva Rajaraman discusses how Twitter using its @earlybird couponing channel can work with brands to offer perishable deals on the fly (something we discussed last week): At first blush, Twitter faces three hurdles: @earlybird is positioned as another Groupon/LivingSocial/BuywithMe/etc., and couponing is becoming commoditized. So […]

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