The New DIY Advertising

In the 1960’s new media was television, and Madison Avenue evolved to show companies how to leverage the media through advertising. Advertising is now mostly associated with the commercial, a one-way message from company to consumer delivered via various media channels. We’re pleased to see Jeff Jarvis pronouncing this kind of advertising is “fucked”.

The evolution of social media as game changing marketing media is finally being evidenced by companies like Ford and Audi, which are both using Facebook to launch their new Ford Explorer and their Audi A7 today.

Ford Explorer Facebook

Audi A7 on Facebook

Like the Madmen who redefined brand advertising in the 60’s, a new corps of social media marketers is finally evolving within the major ad agencies after years of taunts that they either didn’t get it or more likely, didn’t want to jeopardize their established lucrative hold on corporate advertising budgets. It’s a reactive strategic move to remain relevant.

Social media marketing has proven to be far more amenable to ad hoc DIY solutions than traditional ad campaigns that require more extensive creative and media placement expertise than a Facebook page. More companies will develop their social media campaigns in-house because it’s the interaction between the company and its customers that counts, not as much between the ad agency and the customer.

At the local level, social media – based marketing applications will be more influential because small business didn’t use ad agencies. DIY advertising solutions are being developed by Adility and Wildfire that facilitate businesses in building promotional coupon campaigns. Using these tools, small business can create their own campaigns and solicit their own “media buys” like WildRivers in Irvine is doing with independent Breaking Irvine News:

Breaking Irvine News and WildRivers

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