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Five future trends in mobile coupons

Couponing exploded the first half of 2010, driven in part by Groupon’s big VC investment. reported almost double the revenues from the first half of 2010 over previous year. published a forecast on mobile applications and couponing (click twice on graphic to enlarge) that predicts consumer spending on mobile coupon will grow from […]

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The New DIY Advertising

In the 1960’s new media was television, and Madison Avenue evolved to show companies how to leverage the media through advertising. Advertising is now mostly associated with the commercial, a one-way message from company to consumer delivered via various media channels. We’re pleased to see Jeff Jarvis pronouncing this kind of advertising is “fucked”. The […]

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Media Ad Sales Forces evolve into Marketing Consultants

Once upon a time, the sole revenue source of local media -TV, radio, newsprint – was advertising. Media was a controlled channel with high barriers to entry (TV stations cost money). Then Internet media – Google AdSense, SEO and Craigslist – chiselled at mainstream media’s revenue model. Now social media marketing looks like it’s reaching […]

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And every retail business will have a :30 second video

Google is talking about interactive video ads at this weekend’s Allen & Co. conference. Today, Twitvid is launching its video advertising platform over Twitter (press release). What’s important to know about video is that there is already an institutional history of the video format in the form of the :30 television spot. Like television, the […]

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