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The ubiquitous “Like”

Dustin Luther notes a simple WordPress plugin that embeds that Facebook “Like” button on every blog article. Which then gets shared on Dustin’s Facebook page: Facebook, an arena where people talk about ice cream flavors, is now positioned to become a news distributor similar to how Twitter is used for distributing links. Why? Because liking […]

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Brand advertising doesn’t fulfill real time consumer needs

There’s a sea change in consumer advertising, and it’s tangible. Traditional mass media advertising has been blindsiding consumers with the “commercial” for almost a century. They are gladly TIVOed out, and still remain at best tolerated, and at worst, an affront, a waste of time. The contextual commercial, an ad served based on the users’ […]

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Partisan Politics and the Social Media

I was listening to NPR Radio this morning, but couldn’t find the audio on NPR’s site. They were discussing how the masses were choosing to receive their daily news based on their political ideology, and finding a comfort level in hearing broadcasters who reflected their viewpoints. According to the NPR reporter, this trend is affecting […]

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Groupon validates hyperlocal couponing

Groupon’s whopping VC funding that, at last count, values the company at $1.35 billion, validates the power of hyperlocal couponing as a form of pull advertising media (pull advertising defined as a vehicle where the consumer actively monitors deals as opposed to passively receiving commercial messages like TV ads).  Consumers follow Groupon by various social […]

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Hyperlocal Cause Marketing

Media has the power to reach people and should use its reach to support good causes that don’t have advertising budgets based on business models. Traditional media has paid lip service to its responsibility with public service announcements (PSAs), but how many people in the community pay attention to these announcements while watching TV or […]

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