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Geolocation spurs the commercial social media

———————– The latest Facebook metrics are powerful: 400 million active users (7% of the world), 50% of them logging on each day and spending more than 55 minutes daily on Facebook. The sudden concentration of traffic on the social media led by Facebook has caught business by surprise. In particular, small and local businesses don’t […]

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The opening up of Facebook and what happens next

Three months ago, I published the media prediction that Facebook would “open” up its network by simply allowing people to let others follow them even if they were not friends. They are going two steps further… ReadWriteWeb reports Facebook’s announcement that they would open up their firehose of data to third party developers. Last week […]

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Hyperlocal Advertising Model using Twitter Couponing

Hyperlocal Advertising Model using Twitter Couponing View more presentations from Pat Kitano.

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How the social media changes the deal closing process

The definition of online presence for a business is changing. Until recently, the online mission has been to drive traffic to the website. Search engines, along with specialty destination sites like Craigslist and eBay┬áhave been the hubs in the game of connecting two parties to a transaction. Businesses, local and corporate, developed blogs to attract […]

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