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Real time web moving too fast for mainstream media

The powerful launch of Google Buzz (Mashable | Google Buzz has completely changed the game) last week signals the arrival of the Real Time Web as a truly new media. It’s been well documented that Twitter has established itself a breaking news source. Google Buzz, Facebook and Twitter form a triumvirate channel for sourcing news […]

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Being first to break local news has its rewards – eyeballs

Based on the web statistics presented in the previous slideshow, I’ve been asked for reasons why breaking local news receives 15+ clickthroughs per tweet across Breaking News Network city sites. With a little analysis, we discovered that the Breaking News sites are generally the first to tweet out a newly published article from local news […]

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The Powerful Web Traffic Profile of Local Breaking News in a Community

We recently experimented with broadcasting local breaking news across various social media channels including Twitter and Facebook. This slideshow reports web traffic results that confirm in part: the demand for local breaking news in a city is powerful. Everybody wants to know what is going on in real time and local publishing organs are focusing […]

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