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Social Media Application Consolidation

Entrepreneurs and web designers launched a slew of social real estate applications over the past two years – literally hundreds of social networks devoted to real estate, multi-author real estate blog/magazines, and a variety of listings sites. Most of these sites still plod along with plateau traffic volume. Even a year ago, it may have […]

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The sea change in brand management within the social media

The title of this blog post took me a long time to figure out, and it still seems a bit off. Simply put, the social media rewards value and service, and devalues self promotion and advertising. Up to now, most social media marketing methods simply wrap traditional push marketing methods into a new package. Facebook […]

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The Power of Breaking Community News on Twitter

The Twitter feed @A2BreakingNews curates the Twitter community of Ann Arbor Michigan and uniquely broadcasts what’s happening in A2 in real time. It publishes an average of one tweet per hour from various Ann Arbor news sources using as the broadcast application. Twitterfeed’s analytics monitors the clickthrough rate of each tweet’s link (the […]

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Innovative Community Engagement Strategies

Happy New Year! Tomorrow there is a Virtual Real Estate Bar Camp produced by our friends at Real Estate Tomato. It’s a series of webinars that run throughout the day, I’ll be on at 3:00pm CA time. Register here. I’ll be discussing innovative community engagement strategies: Innovative Community Engagement Strategies View more presentations from Pat […]

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