The Social Christmas Card

twitter xmas card

from: How Geeks do Holiday Cards

Everybody has noticed how fewer Christmas cards arrive in the mail? and for the obvious reasons:

  1. eCards have captured 5-7% of traditional paper and ink trade. eCard makers are sophisticated in their approach to maintaining customer bases by providing galleries for the Christmas cards being sent out by their clients. Example: Ashland University Christmas Cards 2002-2009.
  2. Many PDF their own Christmas Card and send by email. The Christmas card photograph can be done instantly now, so people can procrastinate to the point of capitulating with “I’ll PDF and email the card”.
  3. PDFs retain links so a business can direct traffic to their websites or blog for promotional purposes. This Online Marketing Blog article has some tips to make holiday cards a marketing piece.
  4. Christmas cards were/are used for recapping the year. With social media, recaps are a lot easier when there’s constant contact and the ability to send a real time holiday greeting through Facebook. Check your Facebook timeline to see what everybody is doing on Christmas Eve…

Merry Christmas everybody!

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