Examples of Twitter Hyperlocal Advertising Models

We’ve often discussed how Twitter is positioned to become a hyperlocal advertising platform. 140-character sound bite based ad messages, particularly consumer friendly coupon and discount deals, can be targeted to a community and it’s free.

Here are three new examples of Twitter based local advertising models:

1) Mashable introduced Postabon yesterday. Simplicity is the key to finding local deals. Postabon, currently operative only in New York City, displays deals on a map and allows the community of users to rate them. Very straightforward.


Users need to log in to Postabon to submit their deals with time frame parameters:

postabon listing app

2) Edhat is an independent Santa Barbara news service that has created Twitter-like ad banners for sale to local merchants:


Edhat offers advertisers to “put your Twitter tweets on Edhat” which points to eventually developing a self-service ad banner platform where the message can change based on the tweets the advertiser broadcasts.

Local Twitter ads can be automated AND free

Postabon requires that advertisers login and “post” their deals on site. The deal posting process would be much simpler if advertisers could simply tweet their deals automatically through Postabon, and not bother with the login process and manual input. Edhat has an advertising based business model, so it’s not free.

3) Breaking Seattle News, A2BreakingNews and other Breaking News sites have added Daily Deals and a Daily Blue Plate Specials page that allows local advertisers to tweet their deals automatically and free.

breaking seattle news

All they need to do is to get added onto the Twitter List for Daily Deals on each Breaking News Network city site simply by tweet request. If the Breaking News site doesn’t have a Daily Deals page, ask for it at #dailydeals.

Twitter Lists simplifies the aggregation of local deals and discount coupons so that any individual or organization can provide helpful information to their community.

About Pat Kitano

Patrick Kitano works with brands in developing hyperlocal engagement solutions and is administrator of the Breaking News Network, a national hyperlocal network devoted to community service. He is the author of The Local Network on Street Fight, and is reachable via Twitter @pkitano and email pkitano@gmail.com.

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