Yes, Webinars are Social Media too

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Friend Dean Guadagni referred me to this 2009 Social Media Marketing Benchmarking Study conducted by

Although not really considered a social media tool, webinar training has been lauded as the most useful social media resource for business purposes:

We also asked respondents to describe the MOST useful social media resource they’ve found for business. The value of webinars and podcasts is clearly in the ability to learn new skills and/or research industries, products and services without the time and expense of traveling to conferences or other offline events.

“The most useful social media resource is the webinars. I feel that they offer the most, don’t demand that I travel, spend a lot of money, or even make a huge commitment of time. They are usually well focused on a topic and therefore don’t waste my time with a lot of unrelated topics.”

Webinars are also very convenient for professionals in rapidly changing or evolving industries where ongoing training is essential. For example, an accountant described the value of webinars in this way:

“Webinars from professional sites–Tax law is ever changing so we rely on webinars and other instant media to update us on the latest changes in tax accounting. Social media is critical to our industry.”

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