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The Social Christmas Card

from: How Geeks do Holiday Cards Everybody has noticed how fewer Christmas cards arrive in the mail? and for the obvious reasons: eCards have captured 5-7% of traditional paper and ink trade. eCard makers are sophisticated in their approach to maintaining customer bases by providing galleries for the Christmas cards being sent out by their […]

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Personal broadcast channels – the future of TV

Comcast’s purchase of TV network NBC and movie studio Universal seems backwards to older media veterans who remember the ascent of upstart cable versus the powerful Big 3 TV networks in the 70’s/80’s. It proves that media itself has become a commodity to be digested across a panoply of distribution channels. It just so happens […]

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Media Predictions for 2010

1) Community Engagement will become the Driver of Local Media Local news used to be the province of the local newspapers, radio stations and TV. It’s become clear consumers will digest local news online as newspapers shut down, and on the Internet, all media are equal – TV, radio and print websites compete for the […]

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Tiger Woods and Tipping Point Media

The chronicles of Tiger continue daily with the Mistress countdowns and porn star exposés that are contributing to the collapsing public opinion of a global sports icon. The financial impact hits whole industries – the PGA, Tiger’s sponsors, and the TV networks all relied on Tiger as the drawing card. This is a case of […]

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Examples of Twitter Hyperlocal Advertising Models

We’ve often discussed how Twitter is positioned to become a hyperlocal advertising platform. 140-character sound bite based ad messages, particularly consumer friendly coupon and discount deals, can be targeted to a community and it’s free. Here are three new examples of Twitter based local advertising models: 1) Mashable introduced Postabon yesterday. Simplicity is the key to […]

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Big media investment into hyperlocal media properties continues with CNN’s partial investment in as reported at Paid CNN likely plans to leverage content to develop local aggregated news for CNN Local editions. My first thought is why does CNN need a content aggregation service when they can do essentially the same thing […]

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Yes, Webinars are Social Media too

Friend Dean Guadagni referred me to this 2009 Social Media Marketing Benchmarking Study conducted by Although not really considered a social media tool, webinar training has been lauded as the most useful social media resource for business purposes: We also asked respondents to describe the MOST useful social media resource they’ve found for business. […]

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Clay Shirky explains the Impact of Social Media

Clay Shirky explains the impact of social media, societal change and where things are headed. He talks like his books (h/t David Cohn)

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