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American Burakumin – an untold story

This Thanksgiving, I broached a topic with my Japanese American cousins about a heritage issue they weren’t too familiar with. Few Americans know that the Japanese historically has an underclass of untouchables similar to other Asian cultures like India. The “burakumin” are descendants of a feudal outcaste that worked in occupations handling dead bodies – […]

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Creating a pristine Twitter feed for business development

At the most basic level, there are two types of Tweeters: those who use it as a chat box with their network and those who use it to curate and broadcast relevant information to their network. Those who curate generally don’t stray too far from the theme of their feed. That means they don’t go […]

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Hyperlocal Curation of Real Time News

Huffington Post is experimenting with creating Twitter Lists for curating the best Twitter feeds by category in cities like Chicago and Denver (I wonder why they chose these two cities of all places?) On Huffington Post itself, they’ve demoed their Chicago Twitter Lists model: Hyperlocal curation of real time news is beginning to gain acceptance […]

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Slideshow: Upgrading a Breaking News City site using Twitter List Widgets

This slideshow is a more elegant follow up instructional guide to embedding Twitter List widgets into a Breaking News city site that I discussed in the previous article regarding building community news resource sites. You can see examples of Breaking News city sites for SF, LA, NYC, Seattle, London and many other cities listed on […]

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Building a Breaking Community News website with Twitter Lists

Two weeks ago, we showed you how to build a dynamic community news resource in one hour on Twitter. Today we’ll show you how to use Twitter List widgets to build dynamic community news resource website that aggregate and display the best local Twitter feeds. 1. Best is to start with an existing Breaking News […]

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Twitter as good will engine – 10 to-do’s

Tony, the obvious benefit of Twitter Lists is to organize your Twitter stream into groups so you can focus Twitter conversations categorically. However, I see Lists as a key component on what makes Twitter a good will engine. Here are ten ways to use Twitter to build your personal brand by spreading good will: Twitter […]

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The Free Social Media Training Platform

We have had success providing our social media training platform to a number of REALTOR Boards (an example in far flung Oklahoma City) and are extending the platform to any associations or enterprises who can use a social media training resource free. The free social media training platform View more presentations from Pat Kitano. We’re […]

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The Curatorial Economy

The title of this post seemed to be coined by Dave Troy in his post “Why Twitter Lists Change Everything” (recommended). It’s an apt term that describes 1) how anybody can now become a media source to “curate” news compelling to their readership and 2) how delivering that news provides “economic” value to both the […]

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