Tony Robbins & Twitter

tony robbins twitter conference

Programming motivational speaker Tony Robbins at the 140 | Twitter conference was a stroke of genius. Not only did it inject spirit into the staid normality of a tech conference, but Tony presented how he’s integrated Twitter into the Robbins’ philosophy.

Simply put, Robbins laid out the Maslow-like six human needs and demonstrated how Twitter fits into fulfilling each of them:

  • Certainty – Twitter enhances communication, like a chat IM, that protects against unwanted surprises.
  • Uncertainty / Variety – Twitter is a micromedia channel that explores all topics.
  • Significance – Twitter expands your sphere of influence and broadcast your personal mission.
  • Love & Connection – Twitter forms relationships.
  • Growth – Twitter expands the scope of knowledge.
  • Contribution – Twitter facilitates your ability to add value to your network.

Tony finishes up: ” Twitter is the crack of social networking…”

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