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Tony Robbins & Twitter

Programming motivational speaker Tony Robbins at the 140 | Twitter conference was a stroke of genius. Not only did it inject spirit into the staid normality of a tech conference, but Tony presented how he’s integrated Twitter into the Robbins’ philosophy. Simply put, Robbins laid out the Maslow-like six human needs and demonstrated how Twitter […]

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Panel: Proven Hyperlocal Business Models on Twitter

At noon today at the 140 Twitter Conference at the Skirball in LA, we’ll be hosting a panel on Hyperlocal Twitter Business Models. If you’re at #140TC, please join us at the Breakout Room. H/T to Steve Broback for putting together a conference that combines celebrity and tech in an engaging setting.

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The Future of New Media

GigaOm features an article by Joshua Auerbach “New Media Demands a News Media Company“. His conclusions mirror what we’ve been thinking: 1. Creative / experimental media development will become business drivers Media is entering a stage where the new media development of media properties will differentiate successful companies. As media technologies and the social media […]

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Google Fast Flip – Why didn’t this exist before?

Google Fast Flip launched today to uniformly good reviews because this is an application that should have existed even ten years ago. It’s like a magazine rack display of major press that uses the “like” feature to push the more popular articles up. So why didn’t the packaging of news into a virtual rackspace take […]

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TV returns to live broadcasting 50’s style with Jay Leno

This week’s Time declares on its front cover ” Jay Leno is the Future of TV”. By parading Jay’s new show at 10:00 to compete with expensively produced dramas like CSI: Miami and other scripted shows, NBC is beta testing whether live content will be as attractive as or more cost effective than canned content. […]

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Media is the New Marketing – Slideshow

This slideshow is a presentation we’ll be making for the California Association of Realtors next month. Marketing local business services like real estate to a community is changing. Pushing to a community via drip email marketing and shopping cart advertisements is time consuming and frankly more intrusive to the recipient than broadcasting the same information […]

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140 | The Twitter Conference in LA Sept 22-23

We’re delighted that our Breaking News Network is one of the event sponsors of 140 | The Twitter Conference in Los Angeles on September 22-23. The Parnassus Group (we like this friendly group a lot)  has lined up a Hollywood-inspired roster of speakers that should provide a lot of personality for a tech conference. We […]

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Can hyperlocal news build a scalable national biz model? If so, what about the mom & pops?

Witnessing the Consolidation of Hyperlocal News into Media Companies has accumulated 15,000 contributors nationally in developing a citizen journalist task force, and today announces the addition of NowPublic’s global citizen reporting staff. Consolidation of hyperlocal news reporting by media groups like,  CNN iReports, MSNBC (recently acquired Everyblock), and AOL’s Patch, together with the […]

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