Media is the New Marketing

When I started Media Transparent one year ago, I used the tagline: “How the Social Media Converges with Mass Media”. This summer, I believe the Social Media has indeed become a Mass Media play, so now I’m changing the tagline to reflect the next movement in social media: “Media is the New Marketing”.

McLuhan’s 1960’s “the medium is the message” related to how media could control the masses’ perception of the world. Today’s social media does the same but gives voice to the “global village”, another well traveled Web 2.0 expression McLuhan coined. The 1960’s media spawned the Golden Age of Advertising, when Madison Avenue (Mad Men) was the internet of the day. Today, social media is destined to commercial application, and all business – small, medium and large – will be focused on harnessing the power of the Global Village to create a vast web of distributed content that intentionally supports and provides good will to the products and services they base their livelihood on. This is media, this is the new marketing.

My friend Tim White comments (on Facebook) on yesterday’s article: Anybody can become a Media Hub with new content distribution models:

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