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Facebook Fan Box Widget

I haven’t been a fan of Facebook fan pages because there are just too many of them, as many recipients of the “suggest you become a fan, too” invitation can attest. So although we make it a policy not to solicit our friends to become fans, we would like have participation in the projects we’re […]

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Crowdsourcing real time traffic c/o Google Maps

Google Maps now displays traffic on city arterials: More amazing is the crowdsourcing technique Google is using to capture congestion data: When you choose to enable Google Maps with My Location, your phone sends anonymous bits of data back to Google describing how fast you’re moving. When we combine your speed with the speed of […]

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Media is the New Marketing

When I started Media Transparent one year ago, I used the tagline: “How the Social Media Converges with Mass Media”. This summer, I believe the Social Media has indeed become a Mass Media play, so now I’m changing the tagline to reflect the next movement in social media: “Media is the New Marketing”. McLuhan’s 1960’s […]

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Anybody can become a media hub with new content distribution models

Simply put, there are two online venues to find news content – publishers like New York Times and, and syndicators like Yahoo! News and Huffington Post. Publishers don’t like their content repurposed by syndicators and talk about erecting paid firewalls. But everybody else wants to be the next new media micro-mogul (tx to @TWhite) […]

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Is the Media Community finally seeing the connection between hyperlocal and real estate?

In his updates from the CUNY New Business Models for News forum in Aspen, Jeff Jarvis discusses how a Salt Lake City newspaper acquired a real estate agency in order to sell houses as an alternative commercial venture. Also here at Aspen, I was amazed and impressed to hear newspaper owner Dean Singleton tell some […]

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The Hyperlocal Advertising Business Model – an Illusion?

Fast Company’s Michael Gluckstadt’s article “Can Anyone Tap the $100 Billion Potential of Hyperlocal News?” points out the problems when a national advertiser like the New York Times, or local news aggregators like CitySearch, Topix or Outside.In developing “community” try to build a sticky hyperlocal website. Answer: there is little incentive for anybody in the […]

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The New Marketing Funnel – the Image

Adam Cohen and Rosetta’s Director of Social Media, Gargi Patel’s article on the new marketing paradigm that is happening when millions of 2.0 voices are unleashed is good. But the self-explanatory image conveys its message far more elegantly:

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Definitions of online presence through the Internet ages

Here are some sample definitions of what constituted “online presence” through the Internet ages: 1998: Started an internet company 2000: Personal website 2003: Search engine optimized website 2005: Search engine citations, MySpace takes off 2007: Blog or MySpace page 2009: Blog + Twitter + Facebook + LinkedIn + relevant social networks The 2009 Conclusion: Online […]

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Breaking News Network awarded Most Innovative Media 2009 by Inman News

The Breaking News Network was awarded Most Innovative Media 2009 by Inman News this morning. Everybody has been asking us – why is the Breaking News Network innovative? Breaking News sites like Breaking San Francisco News aggregate the best Twitter feeds in a city. They filter the Twitter experience so you’re not seeing the noise. […]

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10 steps towards a new austere Twitter

Up to now, Twitter culture has been about being social, not commercial. However, when one uses Twitter as a business tool, the initial social chit chat soon becomes tiresome (real estate agents, for example, have been counseled not to discuss real estate because it may position them too threatening as sales people). Business demands ROI, […]

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