Yelp & the end of Red Lobster

How did we find new restaurants before iPhone and Yelp?

In the old days, one needed to google something like  “best San Diego restaurants” to get a smorgasbord of questionable, often irrelevant restaurant guides. Eventually, finding a new restaurant entailed driving the restaurant strip of a city and settling for a chain brand like Red Lobster because it reduced the risk of a bad value meal (and of course, the chance for a really good meal)


Yelp has reached critical mass to highlight 4-5 star reviewed restaurants within a GPS-determined location via iPhone.

Every time I’m in a new city or neighborhood (even if it’s a mile away from home), I yelp for the next restaurant, and they are invariably all winners… many of them are located in non-descript strip malls and would have been easily overlooked.

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Patrick Kitano works with brands in developing hyperlocal engagement solutions and is administrator of the Breaking News Network, a national hyperlocal network devoted to community service. He is the author of The Local Network on Street Fight, and is reachable via Twitter @pkitano and email