Social media presence as the price of admission

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The hype around social media is undeniable. The question is always: is it worth pursuing?

Simply put, the social media is contributing to the sea change in how society interacts, and by extension, how business is conducted. Nobody can deny that we’re in an era of flux – economically, socially – and we’re feeling the effects of warp speed change around us. In time like this, dinosaurs die – economic theories, bubbles, Bush, spending.

Answer: Participating in the social media is now essential to staying relevant in society and business. It’s simple, those businesses who refused to use telephones, or use PCs, or email back in the day got left behind. If you can’t see the value of social media yet (and most haven’t for business purposes), remember, participating in the social media is the price of admission when that value becomes evident and powerful. Think of how you would live without the internet now. The tipping point of social media happens when most of society is switched “on”, and it becomes mass media. Then, you’ll see mass media business models overlaid onto this massive massive social graph. It’s inevitable… remember the dotcoms crashed in 2000 for the lack of “real world” business models, and Internet business models eventually became sustainable once the global Internet became essentially ubiquitous.

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