Twitter contests also work for local business

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Moonfruit, an online website design company, advertised 10 MacBook giveaways in 10 days if you follow their Twitter feed @Moontweet and tweet using their hashtag #moonfruit. #moonfruit has been on top of the Twitter trends for four straight days, and Moonfruit can boast an average of over 10,000 new followers per day from this promotion:


Twitter Contests for Building a Local Following

The same contest frenzy can be applied to local businesses for the same reasons people put their business cards into a jar; they want a chance to win!

First step if you’re a local business: Follow local community Twitterers using local Twitter resources like and Breaking News city sites, and Twitter directories that encourage local city tagging like or Once you follow them, you create a simple contest campaign so they will be attracted to following you back:


The free dinner for two weekly drawing works exactly like “put your business card in a jar”.

restaurant tweet


Use special coupon applications like to create Twitter coupons:

twtqpon coupon


Use events like birthdays, graduation, Christmas or April 15 to tweet topical gift or service ideas. Consumers search for “graduation gifts” on Twitter too.

birthday gift ideas

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