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Yelp & the end of Red Lobster

How did we find new restaurants before iPhone and Yelp? In the old days, one needed to google something like  “best San Diego restaurants” to get a smorgasbord of questionable, often irrelevant restaurant guides. Eventually, finding a new restaurant entailed driving the restaurant strip of a city and settling for a chain brand like Red […]

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Using to broadcast breaking news

This is a primer for those who regularly use Twitter to broadcast topical or relevant breaking news to their community or client base. Business people who consistently post breaking news – like CNN, TechCrunch or Gizmodo – related to their community, industry or specialty earn the following of their peers and customers. has […]

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Three Great Articles on using Twitter for Business

In the span of 24 hours, the New York Times, Inc. magazine and Twitter itself published three descriptive articles on how local (and national) businesses can use Twitter for marketing and business development: New York Times 7/22/09 – Marketing Small Businesses on Twitter Inc. magazine 7/24/09 – Use Twitter to Find Customers Twitter […]

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Social media presence as the price of admission

image from: The hype around social media is undeniable. The question is always: is it worth pursuing? Simply put, the social media is contributing to the sea change in how society interacts, and by extension, how business is conducted. Nobody can deny that we’re in an era of flux – economically, socially – and […]

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Using Social Media as a Business, not a Social Tool

(from Soshable) Twitter started out as a social tool, asking its users “What are you doing?”. Now, it’s become an effective business networking tool with an agenda…  “What are you pushing?”. Business social networking boils down to two motivations to building a productive network: 1) getting your message across, and 2) getting others to feel […]

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Twitter Comics

Another example of Twitter as art…

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Round Table Pizza Twitter Show

A Round Table Pizza franchise in the Bay Area hires a “Twitter production company” to produce a Twitter-based King Arthur campaign. Question for Monday: is it working?

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“Community 2.0 Media” is limited, but evolving

Community media exists today in its traditional formats of local TV, radio and newspapers. Almost anybody can attest to the reality that most local news and events coverage still happen through these traditional media. Community 2.0 media, where the community itself participates in local conversation, is evolving through several specific, established online channels: Online newspapers […]

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Twitter contests also work for local business

Moonfruit, an online website design company, advertised 10 MacBook giveaways in 10 days if you follow their Twitter feed @Moontweet and tweet using their hashtag #moonfruit. #moonfruit has been on top of the Twitter trends for four straight days, and Moonfruit can boast an average of over 10,000 new followers per day from this promotion: […]

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The Mother of Real Time Search

Friendfeed aggregates its users’ content on 50 or so social networks and distributes the batch across the timeline. It’s the mother of social media aggregation, so the announcement of its new real time search functionality is far more comprehensive than what Twitter might offer. Now if Friendfeed can only match Twitter’s user numbers… Users can […]

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