Build an Instantly Trafficked Media Site in a few hours

Mark Madsen noticed all the media coverage devoted to the crackdown on Iran over the weekend and decided to build Breaking Iran News in a few hours. We’re pleased to see him provide a way to show how the world and humanity is changing.

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Breaking Iran News aggregates the Twitter, Twitpic, Flickr and Picasa feeds to broadcast the most updated news from Iran based  on keywords IranRevolution, IranElection, Neda (the 16-year-old girl whose killing was caught on video and has become a martyr) and other hashtag phrases being used on Twitter.

We’re helping our clients develop these kinds of instant media sites based on the Breaking News template. The “instant value” of Breaking News is providing your audience compelling content immediately and building an immediate presence through the viral marketing systems we teach. The topics for developing a Breaking News site are endless see a list at

To find out more, go to our registration page for the Breaking News course and build a Breaking News site tomorrow.

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Patrick Kitano works with brands in developing hyperlocal engagement solutions and is administrator of the Breaking News Network, a national hyperlocal network devoted to community service. He is the author of The Local Network on Street Fight, and is reachable via Twitter @pkitano and email