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Lifestreaming, Blogging and Microblogging – how they fit together

from last year’s 06/02/08 slideshow: Explaining Twitter, Friendfeed & Social Media 2.0. I just added Lifestreaming. With the advent of Twitter and the real time web, can blogs can chronicle real time as effectively as micro-blogging tools? Last week Steve Rubel introduced his move from blogging to lifestreaming with a new lifestream site based on […]

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The Local Business Owner’s Guide to Twitter

We’re leveraging participation in each city within the Breaking News Network by helping local businesses understand the power of Twitter as local advertising media: Twitter For Local Advertising View more OpenOffice presentations from Pat Kitano. We’ve published a simple, but explicit eBook introduction to Twitter for local businesses called “The Local Business Owner’s Guide to […]

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Build an Instantly Trafficked Media Site in a few hours

Mark Madsen noticed all the media coverage devoted to the crackdown on Iran over the weekend and decided to build Breaking Iran News in a few hours. We’re pleased to see him provide a way to show how the world and humanity is changing. Breaking Iran News aggregates the Twitter, Twitpic, Flickr and Picasa feeds […]

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The Revolution will be Twitpic’d

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How to Twitter Guide for Local Merchants

We see Twitter positioning itself as a local advertising platform: it’s simple to use, requires little time commitment to Tweet, and free. Here’s a guide for local merchants on how to use Twitter to reach their local audience: 1) How different local merchants should use Twitter 2) How to build a local Twitter consumer community […]

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Why Twitter is better for Classifieds than Craigslist

Craigslist has become the standard for community classifieds; it’s more efficient reaching a local audience than any other local advertising media, and it’s free. But it does have problems: Craigslist advertisers / posters are generally anonymous, and thus less credible. Craigslist advertisers don’t have track records or eBay feedback ratings. It can take a long […]

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How to Build a Community Media Resource

Create a unique community media resource with the Breaking News platform, and position your organization or business as the media hub of your community. Breaking News is a unique social media based system branded to your organization or business. You own the site and grow it by involving your community. Why Breaking News? Your community […]

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Building a National Breaking News Network like a Craigslist

Craigslist was able to build an empire of hyperlocal classified sites by supplying each city and their denizens with free classifieds. They are now building out globally with sites (in English) for most developed countries. Craig Newmark was an early mover who could develop Craigslist branding traction in cities one by one starting with the […]

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Twitter to replace 800#s as corporate contact point

Anybody listening or watching the mass media knows that the media Twitter handle – at San Francisco’s KCBS, it’s @KCBSnews – are replacing 800 #s and SMS as the preferred form of corporate contact. The reasons are obvious: Twitter handles are easy to remember. Twitter handles reinforce branding. Twitter is real time like an 800 […]

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Why Twitter needs Google, or at least its database

At the Twitter Conference #140tc 14 days ago, I asked people in the audience to tweet me in lieu of business cards so I can follow up. So today, I search.twitter my name @pkitano and noted that only the last 12 days are indexed, and the new contacts I made at the conference are now […]

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